2016 Term

HB 183

Home Care Patient Protection Act; enact

 (1) Knight, David 130th(2) Petrea, Jesse 166th(3) Peake, Allen 141st

 (4) Dempsey, Katie 13th(5) Randall, Nikki 142nd(6) Gordon, J. Craig 163rd


 Status: May/05/2015 - House Date Signed by Governor

HB 205

Drivers' licenses; require driver who refused blood alcohol concentration testing to install and maintain ignition interlock devices on vehicle; provisions

 (1) Rice, Tom 95th(2) Petrea, Jesse 166th


 Status: Apr/26/2016 - House Date Signed by Governor

HB 228

Sheriffs; collect and deposit certain fees; provide

 (1) Jones, Jeff 167th(2) Atwood, Alex 179th(3) Werkheiser, Bill 157th

 (4) Allison, Stephen 8th(5) Kelley, Trey 16th(6) Petrea, Jesse 166th


 Status: Mar/11/2016 - Senate Read Second Time

HB 306

Medical assistance; provide for conversion of life insurance policies for funding for long-term care services to delay medical assistance; provisions

 (1) Petrea, Jesse 166th(2) Stephens, Ron 164th(3) Shaw, Jason 176th

 (4) Carter, Amy 175th(5) Hitchens, Bill 161st(6) Strickland, Brian 111th

 HC:  InsSC: 

 Status: Feb/17/2015 - House Second Readers

HB 340

Alcoholic beverages; sales on Sunday during Saint Patrick's Day holiday period; change certain provisions

 (1) Petrea, Jesse 166th(2) Stephens, Ron 164th(3) Hitchens, Bill 161st

 (4) Bryant, Bob 162nd(5) Gordon, J. Craig 163rd

 HC:  RegISC: RI&Util

 Status: Mar/03/2015 - Senate Read and Referred

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